Seniors :/

Good Morrow Gentlemen. So I won’t waste any time and get right to the point with this one.

After class this morning (done at 10:00 am) I was pretty bored and got on WestsideWired. I was looking through it and decided to ¬†watch the powerpuff dance stuff, why not? I knew they would be far inferior to our class, like everybody else’s potassium, but holy shit they sucked fucking cock. The senior class is absolute dog shit. Honestly I feel bad for Westside they are so atrocious. Juniors were far better, yet still quite worse than we have ever been.

take a look. Only if you’re really bored… cause it does actually suck a sweaty, uncircumcised penis.

So if you still talk to any seniors, make fun of them, cause they FUCKING BLOW.


6 comments on “Seniors :/

  1. yeah, I saw em earlier… DEY WEAK AS FUCK. what the hell wuz they thinking? too many stupid props, and not good dancing… smh. AD > Everything

  2. Food Vulture, your article is spot on. I honestly don’t even think the senior’s dance could be called a dance. It was actually awful, and the juniors weren’t good by any stretch but they were probably 10 times better than the seniors…

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