There is a completely free, legal, way to listen to nearly every song on iTunes that is even easier to use than torrents.  Its Spotify.  I find Spotify like a slightly better version of iTunes (though it doesn’t have as many songs) mainly because it is social.  You can see which music your friends have listened to on it and suggest higher quality music for them when they listen to shitty music.  Also you can make fun of them.  Besides this you can share playlists with each other and it also has a pandora-like function.  I’m sure there’s even more features I don’t really know about yet because I’ve only used it for about 2 weeks.  But I really enjoy it.

I’ve already seen a couple of tainters (datassassin and foodvulture13) on there, but I recommend others to join spotify as well.  All you need is a computer and a Facebook account.  So congrats aminmachine!  But anyways, as a person who greatly enjoys music I would love to see what everyone’s currently listening to or a new artist someone likes.  I think it would/will be fun to use.  That is all for now



2 comments on “Spotify

  1. *SIgh* I had Spotify on my computer last year when it wasn’t legal in the US. Clearly it’s becoming too mainstream. But seriously if you don’t have Spotify by now get that shit. The only reason it wasn’t legal in the US is because apple was freaking out about losing control of the market because as Chachi said, Spotify is dope. It’s like grooveshark on steroids. Also, you don’t need a facebook account (at least I didn’t when I originally signed up, perhaps things have changed since it came to the US).

  2. I am continuously amazed at Spotify’s greatness. It’s like having every song ever on your iTunes already. It’s the TITS! Get it. And send me some songs. I dont give a fuck if they are good songs or suck ass. just send me them and ill check em out. Im gonna send some dudes some songs right now.

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