Pootie Tang

So, I was at track practice today.  We were getting a good stretch in before we started the workout when I hear the words, “sine your pitty on the runny kine.”

My Pootie Senses suddenly are activated and I turn to immediately to to who spoke such golden words.  Sure enough, it was my black brotha from KC.  I start cracking up.  I am so excited that another member of the team knows the wonderful world of Pootie Tang.  I reply to him with a “Dirty Dee, you a baddy daddy lamma tie tebbie chai.” After I spoke those words, another brotha on the team’s Pootie Senses kick in as well, “Are we talking Pootie?! Wah Da Tah! Sa da tay my damies!”

I have now become connected with two black people on the team by ways of Pootie Tang.



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