So as most of you know, I attended the Dispatch concert in Broomfield Colorado over the past weekend. The drive was grueling with me and fellow Dispatch bro Boss JT switching off every now and then. We snagged Lempke from Doane College (surprising nice campus) and made our way through what is perhaps the most boring stretch of land in the United States: Western Nebraska and Northeastern Colorado. I’ll spare you a lot of complaining (because I’m not Oliver) and just say it’s about eight hours of nothingness.

When we arrived there was really nothing to do, so we waited outside the stadium for 2.5 hours until the concert started. In this time we met a bro wearing a bossy Ash Ketchum hat that I will likely be acquiring shortly, and devised a plan to take the front row. We did. And it was the best concert I have ever been in attendance. Dispatch sounded even cleaner live than on their recordings, and where they beat my previous favorite concert (incubus) was the amount of energy they played with and how much they kept the crowd involved. During their first encore they sneaked out into the crowd and played while high-fiving and dancing with people. Absolute bros. Also they played for a solid 3 hours, epic to say the least.

On a note that may actually interest more of you, Dispatch also releases their live performance from the show you attended free of charge. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s a phenomenal idea. Hell, I would’ve payed for it. I am baffled that none of the other bands I have seen do something similar. I would love to have the live songs from the concerts I have attended. Perhaps this will catch on in the future.

Here’s a sweet picture someone took at the concert, I have circled Jared and myself.


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