Crazy Ass Dream

Remember when people would write these?  Yesterday, I had my first college nightmare. 

So I go to bed pretty late (roughly 3), completely exhausted and out of it.  I made the short jump onto my bed, sunk in and promptly drifted off to what I hoped would be a long night.  However, at approximately 7am, I awoke with both my heart and mind racing.  What caused me to feel this way?  I only remember the subplot to my dream, not the main action, but anyways, let us begin a tale.

In my dream I woke up and went to our dining hall, nothing too out of the ordinary until after I had swiped in and gotten in line for omelets.  When I ordered my omelet I ordered my usual (peppers, ham, cheese) only to discover they are out of egg whites.  I always get egg whites, but I didn’t want to waste the cook’s time and he had already started making the omelet.

When sitting down and eating the omelet I began to experience chest pains.  My heart hurt so bad that paramedics had to be called over.  Somehow they immediately diagnosed me with nearly every possible heart condition as my situation continued to escalate.  Eventually I keeled over, felt a pop in my chest and began to fall…falling…into my bed and opening my eyes.  I was scared as shit.  Pretty sure I’m the only person I’ve ever heard of having a nightmare involving high cholesterol.  Anyone else been dreaming weird shit lately?



2 comments on “Crazy Ass Dream

  1. Yeah, I dreamed you were a latino. Then I woke up and made the decision that I’m never going to sleep again as punishment for having fucking ridiculous dreams.

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