Near Death Experience

I would like to start this post off by saying that I am indeed alive and well with no permanent damage after what happened today.  

So it all started today at track practice.  The workout for today: 8×400 at about 65sec pace with 90sec rest in between and a 7min rest after 4 400s.  To put this in perspective for you non-trackies, a typical hard workout at Westside would be something along the lines of 4×300, or the dreaded 500-400-300-200-100.  However, a workout of this magnitude was unheard of.  I knew going into the workout today that it was going to suck but I had no idea what was about to happen to me.

The first 3 400s, I actually stayed with the pack, they were fairly relaxed and not too bad.  However, the last one before our first break was supposed to be faster with the majority of the pack finishing in 60sec, yet I struggled to keep the 65sec pace.  We got a pretty good recovery after that, although it was not enough.  We started in the second half of our 400s.  The next 2 were not too bad, but I was pretty much hanging at the back of the pack.  The last 2 however, were much harder

The 7th 400 was very difficult, I found myself beginning to struggle at the 200 mark but I was able to carry it in actually beating one member of the team.  The last one however, I knew was going to be a nightmare.

After the 90sec rest, I was still heavily fatigued and winded.  I wanted to quite, but I just couldnt let myself do that.  We started our last 400, and so my journey through hell began.  I started to experience pretty severe fatigue about 50 meters in.  Every step became a battle between what my mind was telling my body to do, and its physical limits.  As I came around the second turn, every muscle in my body was on fire.  My arms, legs, abs, neck, toes, penis, were all just berrrning (Bear Grylls voice).  The last 100, I tried to hold onto my form, the only thing I had left.  At this point, everyone was way ahead of me. I was all alone, experiencing the pains and torture of hell.  I finally crossed the line in 81 seconds (far from the target of 65).  I could very well say this could have been the most painful 81 seconds of my life.  It is beyond me how I did not throw up today, as I have thrown up many times on much easier workouts.  But my legs are very sore as I sit here right now.

So I guess the moral of the story is…



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