Through 5

I’d like to start off by saying this is gonna be a competitive year. Through 5 weeks of the NFL season, League MFTS is fairly close. No team is undefeated nor defeated which is always a plus. A league never likes having a team such as Big Fin in 2010 who only lost once. You also never like having teams like “Team Trades” or Oliver’s Kansas city chief team, the teams that struggle to put up 50. What I’m getting at, is this year is wide open. We have upped the stakes to 14 teams and bigger buy in. This is a direct correlation to the strength of the league. I’m impressed and pleased with everyones effort this year. If you check the standings the leading point scorer is only 101 more than the lowest point scorer. In my opinion that is pretty good. Titties division is very close and there could be a new leader each week.

Olympic champ usually shows true signs of a hangover around week 5 and 6. As he did last year. BEER is facing KUNT this week. KUNT’s team is just not very good. Over under is 29 for Glazer on the act after his double tight ends (one who I have never heard of) lead him to last place in League MFTS. Glazers projected score this week is 82, well I’m sure bye weeks are hurting him pretty bad. Wrong. Glazer has a full set line up. I think weekends in Ann Arbor are getting the best of Glazer, Maybe a little too much to balance? Definitely too much as his commissioning is sub par. Which brings me to my next point.

Week 4 of fantasy. I faced poo on you. Alex and I both had phenomenal weeks. I scored the most points and he scored 2nd most in league. Unlucky. Week 5 somehow the same damn match up. Except this time, Alex puts up most points and I put up 2nd most. Bull Shit. Have we gotten a definite answer on why there are repeat match ups?

The League starts thursday night by the way. Im pumped.


3 comments on “Through 5

  1. Excellent post, the part about KUNT and glazer had me literally laughing out loud. *Applause*
    Also on a side note, tomorrow night the cast of the league is doing a Q&A session at USC. Does anyone have some questions they want me to ask?

  2. I have to say that you make a good point about the league this year big fin. It seems like consistency is the key this year, and so far there has not a been a team that has been very consistent. Every team has had a pretty shitty week and also pretty damn good weeks.

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