On the “Double Match-ups” Occuring in League MFTS

I’d like to start this comment off by saying fuck Gayzer and his poor commissioner skills, in no way am i defending him. However… Look at the match ups logically: everyone in a 14 team league with 14 weeks of match ups has to play a team twice (you can’t play yourself) and whether that take place weeks 1 and 2 or weeks 1 and 14 are of little difference. While it does appear weird I find it even more odd that anyone could think it provides any difference in the outcome of the games. For example, Fin and AVL were randomly assigned to play one another twice this season.as we all know each week in fantasy provides completely different match ups for your fantasy players. No week is the same, and no two weeks bear any connection to one another. Lets say the outcome of Fin and AVL’s games are exactly as they are in the league right now: they split. Now whether they played weeks 1 and 2 or weeks 1 and 14 is completely irrelevant because each week is completely independent of another. How anyone could think that playing a team you have to twice in a season anyway could be affected by whether or not the games are consecutive baffles me. I agree, it looks unusual, but I have yet to find any reason why it impacts the games. If anyone has such an argument, please share it with me.


8 comments on “On the “Double Match-ups” Occuring in League MFTS

  1. I have two reasons for this, with the first being quite simply that it isn’t as fun. One thing I’ve enjoyed about this season is it gives me an excuse to talk to someone that I might not have, as we are all busy doing our own things and forget easily. Playing someone consecutively means they are roughly in the same place they were before, whereas if I were to have played Oliver again in December maybe he would’ve had some new story- maybe about being Sanduskied by the Indiana coach or something.

    The more meaningful reason however is that teams change over the season. My team was unnaturally inflated at the beginning of the season due to CJ spiller in large part, and Oliver took the brunt of that. Now it looks like CJ spiller will be a 10 points a game player the rest of the season. NFL Players often go on hot streaks or cold streaks and for one fantasy player to get both of either can really hurt their record when the games double up.

    Just my two cents, I guess I didn’t think of everyone playing someone twice, good call on that Marsh


  2. Your first point is kinda ridiculous Max. If you want to talk to someone who you haven’t talked to in a while just text them. I can see logic in your second point but I wouldn’t say that it is a more ‘meaningful’ point, rather it is more logical.

    Overall I’d say the grade on your comment is a B-

  3. Yeah your first point is totally irrelevant, that’s a personal issue that has nothing to do with the games. Your second point doesn’t really say much either because teams obviously change week to week with injuries, people coming back from injury, and just different match-ups. And the players performances in pretty much uncontrollable by us. Regardless the position they are in, they may but up a 0 or 20 any given sunday. What i mean is it’s not like CJ was guaranteed any points when you were playing ver. He was in a better position to get more, but nothing is assured. What if you had played Oliver weeks 1 and 8 and CJ had stellar performances? Does that change anything?

  4. Just to point out an interesting point… Who does glazer play twice? Mr. Pinky Pokin Stinky, probably the team with the lowest expectations going into this season. Just thought I’d point that out. Also I love cock

  5. It is a problem, however, when I already played Max twice and am now slated to play Marshall twice as well, this week and week 12. That means there is a team I will not play.

  6. To clarify, in setting the schedule, I clicked one button: randomize. What everyone should be pissed about is the fact that Stathi autopicked, doesn’t set his lineup and is still doing well.

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