Admission of Guilt/Public Apology

Friends, as much as it pains me, I think the best thing to do at this point is stop lying to you all and end this horrible charade.

For those who are unaware, the main dining hall in the northwest region of dorms at Indiana University is called Gresham.  Gresham is not your typical, all you can eat wonderful college cafeteria, and is legitimately horrible.  I cannot stand the food here, and have therefore only been once.  Most of my food thus far has been acquired from a smaller venue, called the McNutt C-Store.  It is not meant to be a regular meal location, and has limited options.  Yet, I continue to eat here.  Unfortunately, my worst fear has been realized: I am a dining room hipster. This is a painful admission but I believe the best way to deal with a problem is to be upfront and honest.  By telling you, my closest friends, I believe I will find my own solution.  While I am incredibly ashamed of this horrible lack of self control, I would like to put my actions into context.  At least my hipsterism is isolated to dining halls.  At least I still listen to popular and good music.  At least I still wear brand clothing like Nike and Adidas.  At least I still play FIFA (if I were a hipster I would have switched to PES Evolution), and most importantly, at least I am not pretending to be of another race or ethnic group.  Now that I have this off my chest, I can go back to living my life.


4 comments on “Admission of Guilt/Public Apology

  1. Linking popular music to good music as you did is quite idiotic. This logic would make Lil Wayne the greatest individual artist OF ALL TIME. The same for the cast of glee and greatest group. So let’s avoid that distinction.

    También, creo que “ethical” significa “ethnic” realmente. godsavethequeen es demasiado estúpido para escribir correctamente.


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