New Nickname

As is UMich Phi Delt tradition, a member of the Fall 2012 Pledge Class was given an obscene nickname last night.

This wonderful Phi Delt tradition began 5 years ago when Brother Blumpkin (real name) decided that a pledge should be forced to share his pain. Ever since, one fall pledge has been given an obscene Urban Dictionary word by which they were to be known.

When Brother Skoosh (look it up) graced the pledges with his presence last night at our meeting, we knew what was going down. After sharing the history of the tradition, Skoosh introduced the newest Urban Dictionary definition: Stimson.

An act of sexual aggression involving the insertion of a penis into a woman’s anus, forcibly penetrating her sphincter. The man then removes his penis as quickly as possible (to increase the probability of a Pink Sock-Stimson combo) and then spreads the fecal matter on his penis over the woman’s upper lip region.
After learning the definition of the newest installment in the tradition, the excitement peaked. After a drumroll, the ‘prestigious’ name was awarded to…
Our very own Aminmachine!
So what exactly does this mean?
Two things… 1. Vin will be referred to as Stimson for the rest of his Phi Delt life and, most importantly, 2. Vin is obligated to preform a Stimson in the near future.
So…. volunteers?

3 comments on “New Nickname

  1. I think it’s worth noting that the definition says ‘woman’ in it. The fact that you asked for volunteers, since in this case all volunteers are male, might be a Freudian slip for a secret that you are keeping from us Krispy Kreme…

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