So… I was in this life skills class I have this evening and some guy was talking about alcohol and sex (probably one of the 80 talks I’ve heard about alcohol).  Anyways…

… not to be too judgmental, but he was wearing a bow tie, skinny jeans, nerd glasses and had some strange rat tail thing going on, which leads me to believe this guy is gay (not that I have a problem with him for that).  So he was talking about alternatives to having sex and said one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard in his gay accent, “Maybe instead of having vaginal intercourse you could do other lower-risk things such as exchange blow jobs or masturbate together.”

Whoa now!!!! Did he just say EXCHANGE BLOW JOBS?!?! and MASTURBATE TOGETHER?!?!?! Everyone in the class exploded with laughter, especially the nigs.  I think the ridiculousness of this statement needs no further explanation.  I have a sickening feeling that we just got a dark look into this guys sexual life that really needed to be kept to himself.  I don’t know about you guys, but I think I’m gonna stick to vaginal intercourse for the time being.


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