Looking Forward (edited)

In the midst of fantasy researching I came across an interesting concept for draft order that another league uses to keep the league competitive for everyone through the playoffs. Basically it involves multiple lots for those people who don’t make the playoffs, as being determined by their performance in the consolation bracket. Modeling the other league’s idea it would look something like this:

Those in the playoffs each receive 1 lot with their name on it in the hat in next years draft (1/35 chance of getting first pick or first choice of draft position)

The winner of the consolation bracket receives 7 lots (7/35)

2nd gets 6 (6/35)

3rd gets 5 (5/35)

4th gets 4 (you get the odds)

5th gets 3

and being very last in the consolation bracket, Glazer gets 2.

I think this is a good idea as it gives incentive for everyone to stay involved through the post-season and, while not guaranteeing anything, gives better chances to those who may have been affected by poor draft positions in the past year.  Thoughts?



Okay so our draft is a lottery, right now with everyone having the same chance of getting the 1st pick. (everyone gets 1 slip (a lot) with their name on it). My idea is to make it similar to the NBA draft, where those teams who have not made the playoffs get more slips in the hat for the drawing, thus decreasing their chances of getting the poorest spots in the draft order. So for the sake of example lets say Calvin doesn’t make the playoffs, but doesn’t just stop paying attention and he wins the consolation bracket. Calvin is then rewarded with the most slips¬† that have his name on them being placed into the hat for drawing giving him the highest chance of receiving the first pick in the draft. 2nd place in consolation gets the 2nd most slips, 3rd the 3rd most and so on until the very last place person gets just 1 more slip than all of those who made the playoffs.


We could, as we’ve been doing, give the first to be drawn the first pick in the draft, however i think this would work better if when your name is drawn you get to choose a draft position from those that remain. Does that clear it up?


15 comments on “Looking Forward (edited)

    • while I agree this is a good idea in some sort, it is far too large of a change imo
      though i support this on a smaller scale.

  1. The random draft order is better. the way we’ve always done it. Anyways, it’s not our fault that Marshall’s team sucks and he is already looking forward to next year.

  2. Truthfully, this would be a relatively small change. Draft order is pretty insignificant, but if this would be enough to warrant people trying throughout the entire year, I say that we do it. The only change I propose is that the person who is drawn first is given the ability to choose their draft position instead of being forced to draft first.

    Interesting point though.

  3. now we are all on to something… gosh guys. look what a little communication does these days. Breaks my heart that you are all grown up now. Used to be such young innocent children. Now you all just want to fuck me in the rear end and cum on my titties.
    Take care.

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