Happy Birthday Tainted!

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New Music

So I just got done studying and recently I’ve been doing something new with my studying that has helped a lot.  Normally I listen to music, out of necessity not choice, just to drown out annoying sounds (normally asians talking loudly on their phones in different languages).  But what happens is the music distracts me as I focus more on the music or what ever.  You know what I’m talking about. Continue reading

League Made For The Streets Power Rankings

We are well into the 2012 fantasy football season, as league made for the streets is in week 10.  This means there are only four games after this week to determine the playoff bracket.  WIth the season winding down, the contenders will start to separate themselves from the pretenders. Here are my power rankings for LMFTS. Continue reading


Most of us seem to be going home for Thanksgiving, which is pretty fucking close.  As we have in the past on Thanksgiving, I thought it would be nice to see who all is in town and for when, so we could plan fun get togethers.  Shit better be going down, brothas!! Continue reading


Well, Tainted has been drier than a monkeys dick in the middle of winter.  So I thought I would make a new post while I’m sitting in study hall for 3 hours and listening to some Bone Thugs (Gayzer, that song made me remember how great Bone Thugs are.) It was about this time last year that I made a post about Nebraska Basketball. So I thought I would make another one right now. Continue reading