Well, Tainted has been drier than a monkeys dick in the middle of winter.  So I thought I would make a new post while I’m sitting in study hall for 3 hours and listening to some Bone Thugs (Gayzer, that song made me remember how great Bone Thugs are.) It was about this time last year that I made a post about Nebraska Basketball. So I thought I would make another one right now.

A lot of attention is focused on the Creighton Blue Gays this year due to their (too) high pre-season ranking and their All-American.  Im excited for basketball season this year, but not to watch those ball-handling douches, but to watch Coach Tim Miles bring Nebrasketball into a new era. With top notch facilities, a solid incoming class, a new, enthusiastic coach, and the departure of Jorgay Brian Diaz, there is no reason Nebraska can’t climb out of the depths of mediocrity and begin to compete at a high level of basketball.

Now I’m not saying that Nebraska will be good this year.  We will probably be at the bottom of the Big 10, but hopefully we will see some signs of talent and competitiveness for the years to come.  Watch out for Nebraska in the Tourney in the next few years, BIATCHES!


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