New Music

So I just got done studying and recently I’ve been doing something new with my studying that has helped a lot.  Normally I listen to music, out of necessity not choice, just to drown out annoying sounds (normally asians talking loudly on their phones in different languages).  But what happens is the music distracts me as I focus more on the music or what ever.  You know what I’m talking about.

However, that was before I started listening to R&B.  Seriously, listening to R&B while studying is awesome, I can focus and its really relaxing.  I’m sure different music works different for different people, but I advise you all to try R&B.  Specific artists I enjoy are John Legend, James Morrison, Jackie Wilson, Frank Ocean and to a lesser extent Ne-Yo.  However, my absolute favorite is “the” India.Arie.  Something about her empowering jams with her completely soulful voice just make me churn out work.  Seriously, her songs are like a pep talk, even more so if you identify as a woman.  Here are some I really recommend (para mis mujeres)



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