RECAP: #16 Creighton Bluejays 64 Nebraska 42

Though many foolish people and uneducated basketball fans believed Creighton to be overrated following their home loss to Boise State, the Bluejays instead “Silenced the Haters” for the second straight game. Creighton entered the Devaney center for the last time as a 7 point favorite, with polarized opinions on each side of the rivalry.  Nebraska fans, including Tainted’s own Datassassin projected an upset, while Creighton fans were insulted by the perceived lack of faith.  Both fan bases were fired up as each time only had one loss, with Creighton ranked its highest since the Kyle Korver days and Nebraska off to its best start in…a while.  Ultimately, one fan base’s confidence was shown to be valid and another’s, mere wishing.

By winning 64-42, the Bluejays snapped a 4 game losing streak at the Devaney center, and closed out the arena in quite the fashion.  The 22 point victory was Creighton’s highest margin of victory in Devaney ever, though it did not come pretty.  The Nebraska players seemingly knew they were overmatched entering the game, playing the very physical game that they would need to pull off the upset.  Unfortunately for the safety of the Bluejays and the pride of everyone associated with the Nebraska team, this would soon digress into dirty play, forced looks and cheap shots.

The key battle was on the inside, the strength of both teams, and to be quite honest and unbiased, Creighton had a definite advantage.  Echenique was just too physical with his combination of strength, speed and hustle for the plodding Almeida (who is actually obese).  Though McDermott was his usual amazing self with 27 points, Gregory was the player who allowed this.  With 12 points and 12 rebounds as well as 2 blocks and countless altered shots, he kept the Nebraska big men in check.  Grant Gibbs (who got his face cut up by one of the dirty Cornhuskers) is just a fun player to watch, one who truly changes games.  The Bluejays were hot from 3 as well.

For starters on Nebraska, it is important to note that Tim Miles has already and will continue to invigorate the Nebrasketball program.  It is also important to note to Nebraska basketball fans that your team is very bad this year, and aside from the possibility of a lucky upset, that your season will only go downhill from here.  Though your facilities are nice and your coach has the team playing with hustle, the players on the team really aren’t much.  That a player like that one douche with the super long hair gets a lot of play time is a travesty.  He wouldn’t crack the top 10 on Creighton and is just not a Division I basketball player.  To have a player as unfit as Almeida starting represents your program poorly and I hate to see what Cody Zeller or that tall fuckface that lives in Glazer’s dorm does to him.  It will be a rough year, possibly even worse than USCs but there is light at the end of the tunnel, and next year should be exciting.

This isn’t much of a recap because there wasn’t much of a game.  It was even worse than the score suggested.  For more updates on Creighton, Nebraska and other college basketball news, check out future articles coming from Chachi Ramos.



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