Update: Creighton Basketball

Since the Nebraska-Creighton rivalry game that got a lot of hype (2 posts!) on Tainted I have seen no new articles regarding the teams or anything basketball related. This is surprising as Chachi said to check out his articles for updates, ifso factso he’s a liar/douchebag.

To update those who have any interest, Creighton recently lost a close game to my favorite team Wichita State. This came as a shocker to many Creighton fans as they are typically overconfident and overrated. However, they knew they would quickly bounce back in their next game against Drake. They knew this because they are have an exceptional year and play in a very lackluster conference. Despite knowing this Creighton fans were likely to go through their pregame ritual of talking up their competition so they could appear to be decent when they beat next to irrelevant teams. In the end, it didn’t make a difference as they fell to my favorite team Drake. As Lincoln is supersaturated with haters i missed out on a great deal of whining and excuses that were made by Creighton fans across the Omaha metro area and a few spots in California.

Tonight Creighton plays my favorite team Southern Illinois, who is unlikely to win because they are ranked last in some pitiful conference. Nevertheless I will root for them as they are my favorite team, and many Creighton fans will hate on me and my team, and I will hold on to that hope that tonight we may prevail again and #Silencethehaters.

Also, there is still no concrete evidence to show that the song “Young Wild & Free” was written for the movie “Mac and Devin Go to High School.” While this could be true, It could also be that the song was written and then the movie followed with the song included, or it could be that the song was written and snoop and wiz got really high singing it and decided they wanted to make a movie with extra money they have sitting around. I have considered it a topic for a research paper i will be dong next semester and will get back to you all.

SoHood Out.


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