If you can stomach the entire video, complete the challenge below…

Whoever scores the best on the following “Ocho” questions (humor earns more points) will win a years supply of “puffs on loud/life” and a free copy of “Ocho’s Guide to success: deleting negative comments on your youtube videos and whatnot. ”

1. What does Ocho tel the haters? (honestly I cant understand him)

2. What does Ocho add to the style of his music?

3. True or false, Ocho can think of something one day and then write it down the next day? If true, explain this fascinating phenomenon.

4. How many Conventional errors can you spot in the question slides?

5. What is the significance of the album title “Fresh Culture” and this “huge wave” which is coming.

6. Of the 7 questions, how many does Ocho actually answer?

7. As the first artist on 237 records, does TFM joining 237 have any significance whatsoever?

8. where can you find Ocho?

Bonus: How many times does Ocho check his phone in the video?



2 comments on “OCHO CHALLENGE!!!

  1. Oh yes I am so down. I will live comment this video, filled with pure playahatin
    0:22- Why the fuck does he introduce him then do that handshake? They’re already sitting next to each other. “I’m just chillin” bitch hes filming a video with you, he knows what you’re doing!!
    1. I believe he says “Ketchup”.
    0:34 “Running out of time givin niggas head”~Ocho
    1:00 awkward phone fidgeting
    1:21 Style of music….shiiiit
    1:40 ocho has a white guy voice for sure
    2. His own flavor
    1:50 Who can relate to his music? this is going to be good
    3. True. I would address this as having a canine level memory.
    2:44 lol the phone again
    4. 9
    5. Fresh Culture is significant because it indicates a huge wave that is about to come. He does not specify whether this wave is real or a metaphorical wave, so I would buy flood insurance.
    ^ What does he even say about that wave? Its like 20 seconds of talking that could be summed up in 5 words.
    2:56 Actually I think his voice is very similar to dave chapelles white guy voice
    6. 6
    7. “Im bringing something new to the table you know” In other words no
    4:05 He sounds uncomfortable saying nigga. Much more so than Marty.
    8. We know where to find him. Local parties, hookah bars, high schools, instagram, facebook, twitter, the fridge (looking for juice)
    Bonus: too many. I didn’t see this question while i was live commenting

    Hating over, hasta la vista,

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