NCAA Championship Game Live Blog

Had nothing else to do so I blogged the game.  I honestly don’t know if its even funny.  

9:22 Easy to tell Louisville’s fans are more passionate than Michigan’s simply from panning the crowd.

9:24 I would not want to make Gogui Dieng angry.

9:26 Tip-off.  Told you McGeary.

9:27 At least Michigan aren’t wearing those horrid yellow font jerseys.

9:27 Trey Burke is better at layups then grammar.

9:28 Who will they show more, Kevin Ware or the Fab Five?

9:29 This is looking like a classic Abusement Park vs. The Crew Style shootout.

9:30 Michigan better hope that Mitch McGeary hasn’t been ruined by the contamination that accompanies living so close to David.

9:30 Dieng with the assist.  What can I say, Africans thrive in finals.  i.e. Didier Drogba in the 2012 Champions League Final

9:31 #winforware

9:32 Not cheering for Louisville after Kevin Ware’s horrific injury is something a communist would do.

9:33 And a facist.

9:34 My grandparents live near the street that part of that Buick commercial was filmed on.

9:34 Maybe its because I’ve been multitasking by writing this, but to this point I have not seen the Fab Five or Kevin Ware since tip-off.

9:35.  Never mind.  Fab Five 1, Ware 0.

9:36 Is Trey Burke already sitting?

9:37 My early prediction for player of the game: Gorgui Dieng

9:38 Michigan getting its makes out of the way early.  For real though, good shooting.

9:39 Does everyone on Louisville have a short sleeve undershirt on?

9:40 Louisville should probably guard him.  Albrecht reminds me of myself, he’s a very streaky shooter.

9:42 Pizza Hut’s Crazy Cheese pizza would not agree with our lactard friend Jacob’s stomach.

9:44 Spike really does remind me of myself. Season scoring average, 1.8 ppg.

9:44 Maybe this will be the night we discover the Michigan Difference. I certainly hope so.

9:51 6-0 run for Michigan, ended by Didier Drogb– I mean Dieng

9:52 These Coke Zero Archer commercials are great, because Archer is great.

9:53 I highly doubt Charles Barkley has to pay his own travel expenses.

9:54 The Masters are gonna be great

9:56 Steve Kerr clearly does not understand the concept of double digits.

9:57 Block by Dieng.  He’s on a mission.

10:00 Trey Burke chewing on his nails.  Gross

10:01 McGeary with the blatant kick.  He should be thankful he has a working leg to kick with. #winforware

10:04 I can’t decide how funny I think Ken Jeong is

10:07 Buick must pay Peyton Manning an insane amount of money to endorse their car.

10:11 Buick is pushing hard during this game.  Come on Buick, Shaq probably can’t even fit in that car smh!

10:13 Hancock vying with Albrecht to be the BWMOC.  (Big White Man on Campus)

10:14 I promise that I wrote that before Hancock hit another three to cut it to four.  Hate to say I told you so, but I told you so.  Jk I am perfectly happy admitting I’m correct.

10:15 Nothing worse than a not close championship game.  Looks like we don’t have to worry about that tonight


10:17 We got a game.

10:18 On a separate note, I haven’t seen Kevin Ware all game.  I thought he was going to be there?

10:18 Are we witnessing the return of the white man to basketball prominence?

10:46 Back with my waffle cone. Line was long AF. Luckily, my disappointment from missing the first three minutes of the 2nd half is far dwarfed by the deliciousness of this ice cream.

10:48 Louisville couldn’t handle Spike.  Can they control Burke?

10:49 Gotta make your free throws

10:50 Glenn Robinson, we get it, you can dunk.

10:54 Spike back in the game. Looking forward to the renewal of the Spike/Hancock rivalry

10:56 Dieng with the block on one end, the assist on the other.  This is his Munich moment. (obviously referring to Didier Drogba’s standout performance in the 2012 Champions League Final held in Munich.) I don’t care if he only has two points.

10:59 Trey Burke is to Chane Behanan as The Abusement Park is to the Dark Shadows

11:01 Louisville fans getting loud, Burke answers with long three.

11:02 Louisville guards in foul trouble.

11:04 I think the Billy Donovan UPS commercial uses the word logistics incorrectly.

11:05 Kevin Ware sighting, he’s tied it up with the fab five.  Also, Spike Albrecht is human.

11:09 Peyton Siva starting to take control.

11:09 JAM!

11:09 4th foul on McGeary gives Louisville three free throws.  I always knew he was dumb.

11:11 Huge break for Michigan.

11:12 Still no word on what the elusive Michigan difference is.

11:17 Dieng!!! Clutch.  The basketball Drogba.

11:18 Looks to me like Louisville want it more.

11:20 I like Steve Kerr as an announcer.


11:21 Atlanta, you better be careful with these dunks or Fort Meyers is gonna sue for infringement. #dunkcity

11:22  This is a very entertaining game of basketball.

11:24 Gorgui Diengh has been great for Louisville.  I called it.

11:26 Am I some sort of basketball genius? #dieng

11:28 Giving a speech about Icing the Kicker tomorrow.  It doesn’t work.

11:31 I wish Gorgui Dieng wore number 11.

11:31 Ten point game after the three from Hancock.

11:31 Kevin Ware sighting.  Fitting that he now leads the fab five 2-1 considering the current score.

11:32 Louisville with the quick shots.  Smg

11:32 Respect to Trey Burke.  One tough mofo.

11:34 Nice move by Steve Kerr’s anonymous partner to remind the former Sun’s GM that continuation exists only in the NBA.

11:35 Louisville fighting harder than Michigan.

11:38 Those Michigan players must be so nervous.  Like insanely nervous.  If they lose all of their hard work means nothing.

11:39 Stepping out of bounds.  They gotta foul.

11:40 Three for Kevin Ware

11:41 I don’t understand why coaches struggle with time management, they should’ve fouled earlier.

11:42 14 seconds left, four point game.

11:43 Four times for Kevin Ware. #winforware

11:44 Five times Ware, looks like this one’s over.

11:45 A great basketball game between two great teams.

11:46 Rick Pitino scared by the fireworks LOL

11:47 Happy for Kevin Ware and Louisville.  Went through a lot.


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