Funny Shit boys…dont believe me just watch


New Music

So I just got done studying and recently I’ve been doing something new with my studying that has helped a lot.  Normally I listen to music, out of necessity not choice, just to drown out annoying sounds (normally asians talking loudly on their phones in different languages).  But what happens is the music distracts me as I focus more on the music or what ever.  You know what I’m talking about. Continue reading

New Mixtape: School’s Out

As of Saturday evening, local rap group, Too Far Boyz, has just dropped their first official mixtape. After 6 months of recording and numerous renditions of the mixtape, the effort was finally approved by the CEO of Too Far Records, Suge Knight.

After listening to the mixtape myself, I have nothing but the highest praise for the group’s first effort.

Continue reading

UNSIGNED HYPE: Lil Clip’s in the House

Lots of hot new ish has been blazing out of the 402 lately.  While walking the streets like I normally do every evening I have heard one song in particular banging in the trunk.  It bothered me not knowing which up-and-coming spitta had dropped this.  He sounded like a coked-up Tyler the Creator with some Slim Thug influences.  Well, after listening to this song I can say for sure that it is Omaha’s own Lil Clip. Continue reading