Fuck Romney

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SMH (or at least I would’ve been if it wasn’t throbbing)

The summer weather should never be a reason to be inside, but when it’s mandated by football every morning at six thirty, it’s easy to spend some time lazing around. For whatever reason, my niggas and I decided to dedicate one afternoon to playing some board games at my homeboy Jared’s house. Late as usual, I arrived about thirty minutes after the time we had all agreed upon, which naturally irritated those who were on time. Nevertheless, they had already decided to play a game called Risk.

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Strong – Rick Perry

I normally try to stay out of politics, especially the complex economics and stuff that I really know nothing about.  However upon seeing this video, I felt the urge to share it.  I’ve seen the jokes on reddit but to truly understand how moronic it is you have to watch it yourself. Continue reading


Well… as the 2012 presidential campaign continues to sneak up on us, I feel it is about time to give my opinion on who the next president of the United States should be.  Now the obvious choices would be the actual presidential candidates running for office.  However, I feel that these candidates are too obvious of a choice, too boring,  too predictable.  In this time of economic hardship, I feel it is time to break free from tradition.  WE MUST UTILIZE THE WRITE IN VOTE!!!  This opens up the presidential field to trillions of people across the united states.  If everyone in the world that votes for the election writes in someone, then the country will be back on its feet.  Here are the assasins favorites for write in voting:

Kevin Biga

Pootie Tang



Ndamakong Suh


Abe Vigoda

Larry the Cable Guy

Dean Ziegler

Marshawn Lynch

Joe Mama


I hope this will provide some positive guidance for the upcoming presidential voting process.