Funny Shit boys…dont believe me just watch



Hey taints, guess what these different rankings represent

Ranking #1
1. Tommy
2. Oliver
2. Max
4. Nelson
5. Travis
6. AVL
7. Calvin
7. Jacob
7. Marshall
10. Stathi
11. Tim
12. David

Ranking #2
1. David
2. AVL
2. Nelson
2. Tim
2. Calvin
2. Jacob
2. Max
2. Marshall
2. Tommy
2. Oliver
2. Travis
2. Stathi


SMH (or at least I would’ve been if it wasn’t throbbing)

The summer weather should never be a reason to be inside, but when it’s mandated by football every morning at six thirty, it’s easy to spend some time lazing around. For whatever reason, my niggas and I decided to dedicate one afternoon to playing some board games at my homeboy Jared’s house. Late as usual, I arrived about thirty minutes after the time we had all agreed upon, which naturally irritated those who were on time. Nevertheless, they had already decided to play a game called Risk.

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Cinematic Express

Hello Taints. I would like to inform everyone that 2012 is starting off the year pretty hot in the movie department. Lot of good movies have either come out, or soon to be viewed in theaters. This is the beginning to my weekly critical blog. Each week it will be something new. So stay posted.

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