League MFTS: week 13 wrap up, week 14 bold predictions

League MFTS has been flying by, as has our initial semester at college.  As we near winter break, we also near the 2012-13 Fantasy Football Playoffs. This makes the ending weeks of the regular season crucial. As the season draws to a close, the teams that like dick in and around there mouth are separated from those who are on a nine game winning streak.  Week thirteen had major fantasy complications.  Here are my summaries of the matchup’s and their significance. Continue reading


New Nickname

As is UMich Phi Delt tradition, a member of the Fall 2012 Pledge Class was given an obscene nickname last night.

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Week Four Fantasy Football Projections

As the weekend approaches, another week of fantasy football is set to begin.  League Made for the Streets is going strong and has not let the dysfunctional replacement refs become an excuse for poor results, unlike real NFL players (pussies).  These projections are bold.  Projected scores are italicized.  Week 4 can set the tone for the rest of the season, unless the first two weeks of a team’s season were fucked over by a shitty and non-attentive commissioner.   Continue reading

Follow Up: How to Take Care of your business at University

Since I have been at university longer than almost everyone else who frequents this site (hello admiral), I have had plenty of time to observe the habits and question the methodology of the fellow Indiana University student when it comes to fapping.  My dear friend Yola’s suggestions are notable and each have their own individual pro’s and con’s, yet I feel are much more applicable to the “cali” lifestyle then most of our down to earth, blue collar, midwestern styles of living.  Here are a few ways to do it at Indiana University (or anywhere else in the midwest).

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Chachi’s College Advice

Greetings all.  As the majority of Tainted’s authors and readers are new college students, they are dealing with new problems that they have rarely, if ever faced before.  Communal living is much different at home: roommates can have far different personalities and habits than you (my roommate is in ROTC and wakes up at 5 am two days a week) and also as foodvulture13 previously mentioned, it is highly possible that the bathrooms carry STDs.  However, besides these anxieties, I have noticed one issue that is far more important.  An issue that will force you to be crafty and devious, while risking your dignity. Continue reading