Facebook Beef

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If you can stomach the entire video, complete the challenge below…

Whoever scores the best on the following “Ocho” questions (humor earns more points) will win a years supply of “puffs on loud/life” and a free copy of “Ocho’s Guide to success: deleting negative comments on your youtube videos and whatnot. ”

1. What does Ocho tel the haters? (honestly I cant understand him)

2. What does Ocho add to the style of his music?

3. True or false, Ocho can think of something one day and then write it down the next day? If true, explain this fascinating phenomenon.

4. How many Conventional errors can you spot in the question slides?

5. What is the significance of the album title “Fresh Culture” and this “huge wave” which is coming.

6. Of the 7 questions, how many does Ocho actually answer?

7. As the first artist on 237 records, does TFM joining 237 have any significance whatsoever?

8. where can you find Ocho?

Bonus: How many times does Ocho check his phone in the video?